Brother SE400

For anyone who loves the look of embroidery but does not have the patience or the manual dexterity to embroider the old-fashioned way, the Brother SE400 computerized embroidery and sewing machine may be the ideal choice. Brother brings this charming decorative art into the 21st century with a high-tech but eminently usable machine.

The SE 400 is packed with features for the home sewer who would like to embellish garments with monograms, flowers or decorative borders in addition to standard sewing and mending.

Sewing And Embroidery All In One Machine

brother se400The SE400 is a free arm machine which makes it ideal for sewing cuffs, hems and collars. An extension is included for flatbed sewing. A small storage compartment in the sewing bed and a handle on the top of the machine are built in for additional convenience.

With a maximum sewing speed of 710 stitches per minute, this machine makes quick work of seams, buttonholes and hems. The embroidery stitch speed is somewhat slower at 400 stitches per minute.

The control panel of the Brother SE 400 is the LCD 2.7 x 1.4 inch display screen. The sewer uses this display to choose stitch and pattern selections. In addition, the user can view tutorials on this screen for on-the-spot help. The screen has a zoom feature but the brightness is not adjustable.

A stylus, included with the accessories, is used to make selections on the touch screen. An easy-to-read chart displays needle positions and stitches with their corresponding numbers, making it easy to choose the desired settings.

Main Specifications

Stitches Per Minute Number of Stitches Buttonhole Styles Presser Feet Auto Threading Thread Tension Adjustable Stitch Thread Cutter Adjustable Speed
710 67 10 one-step 7 Yes Manual Yes Auto Yes

The Brother SE400 computerized embroidery and sewing machine comes with several attachments for different sewing applications. Embroidering is done with a 4 inch by 4 inch embroidery hoop and arm. This is appropriate for monogramming and small patterns. Other hoops, both larger and smaller, are available as optional accessories purchased separately.

Also included are a buttonhole foot, an overcasting foot for finishing edges, a zipper foot, a button fitting foot, a blind stitch foot and an embroidery foot. All feet are snap-on for speedy changes.

Pricing and Availability

Brother se400 embroideryAccessories

Accessories and a small storage bag to hold them are essentials that every sewer needs:

  • a seam ripper,
  • set of needles
  • cleaning brush
  • 2 screwdrivers
  • a touch pen or stylus to use on the computer screen
  • 3 spool caps for small, medium and large spools
  • 3 bobbins and a small pair of scissors.

A power cord, foot pedal and instruction manual printed in Spanish and English are also included as well as a USB cable to connect to a computer for downloading patterns and for general updates.

Embroidery Anyone ?

67 stitches, 70 decorative designs, 120 frame pattern combinations and 5 lettering fonts are built in and immediately available. The sewer can download .pes files from a PC or Mac and import designs available for purchase from numerous online embroidery pattern libraries.

Optional embroidery cards can be purchased and installed in the dedicated slot on the machine for nearly unlimited creative possibilities.

One Minor Problem

Brother SE400 review comments frequently mention jamming threads and breaking needles. It seems that this machine is quite sensitive to broken bits of thread and miniscule clumps of lint jamming up the works and causing these problems, especially while embroidering.

All sewing machines need to be kept cleaned and lubricated but it is apparently critical to keep this one spotlessly clean and clear of dust.

High-end embroidery machines can run into thousands of dollars. Priced at under $400, the Brother SE400 sewing machine is a bit of an investment but is a good machine for someone who wants embroidery functions for about the same price as a mid-range non-computerized sewing machine.


Although the touch screen display is relatively easy to use, this is not a sewing machine for those who dislike technology or who do not own a personal computer and have basic computing skills.

But the money spent and the time and effort devoted to learning will be well-rewarded with compliments on the beautiful garments and accessories that can be created with the Brother SE 400. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to ("Sew Good Reviews - Best Sewing Machine Reviews 2016" (,, or