Janome 8077

Janome is a Japanese company dedicated exclusively to the manufacture of sewing machines. Janome, which means “eye of the snake” in Japanese, was established in 1935 and is known for high quality machines which are sold in over 100 countries. They produce an extensive selection of sewing machines and sergers and are rapidly becoming a popular choice among sewers and quilters.

janome 8077Good For Quilting

The Janome 8077 computerized sewing machine is intended for general sewing and quilting. It has 30 built-in stitches which is not a wide selection, considering the suggested retail price of over $300.

Stitches are selected by number using a small LED screen and up-and-down arrow buttons; a front panel displays a picture of each stitch and its corresponding number. And this is one of the Janome’s weaknesses.

Know Your Icons

This machine relies almost entirely on icons to indicate all functions. This is undoubtedly done to make the machine usable regardless of language but icons are open to interpretation and some confusion may be the result.

For example, the button that raises and lowers the needle could, not unreasonably, be interpreted as the reverse button, while the reverse button looks like a capital U with an up arrow on the left side. Further, the stitch selection and needle position icons are not extremely clear.

It should not be necessary to refer to the user manual to figure out what a particular icon means, they should be intuitive to anyone with even minimal sewing experience. However, this is not an insurmountable problem and the user will quickly become familiar with the controls.

Main Specifications

Stitches Per Minute Number of Stitches Buttonhole Styles Presser Feet Auto Threading Thread Tension Adjustable Stitch Thread Cutter Adjustable Speed
820 30 6 one-step 3 Yes Dial Yes Manual Yes


Convenient Features

The Janome 8077 sewing machine does include many nice features. It is possible to sew without the foot pedal which would be a great advantage if the pedal ever became lost or damaged. Stitch speed can be set with a speed control slider switch which works both with and without the pedal.


janome 8077 control panelThe built-in stitches are a typical selection:

  • six one-step buttonhole stitches
  • straight stitch
  • zigzag
  • overcast
  • blind hem
  • tricot stitch
  •  and seven decorative stitches.

Of course, stitch widths and lengths can be adjusted up to a preset maximum.


This is a free arm machine and includes the small storage compartment for accessories which is a normal feature on most free arm machines.

The selection of accessories is not large, but the essentials are covered: general purpose foot, zipper, buttonhole and satin stitch feet, a small screwdriver in the form of a roughly triangular metal plate with flattened corners, a selection of needles, a seam ripper, an additional thread spool pin, two thread holder caps, large and small, a spool stand and felt disc.

A power cord and a foot pedal are also included.

Always use Janome bobbins

It is important to know that bobbins from other manufacturers will not work in Janome machines. If one is installed, it will fit and appear to work but will quickly cause problems such as jammed threads and broken needles. Janome bobbins are comparably priced to other bobbins and are not hard to find. For a break from the ordinary clear plastic, pink or blue bobbins are available.

A few words about the manual, viewed as a .pdf for the purposes of this article, are in order. First, it is a daunting 80 pages long. However, this is partly explained by the numerous illustrations covering the machine’s features and how to use them.

It is written in 3 languages, English, French and Spanish. Inexplicably, two or three pages have German text in place of the French. While not a problem for English speakers, it is disconcerting and should be corrected by the printer.


Janome 8077 reviews are usually quite positive and seem to be written by experienced, even professional, sewers. The limited number of stitches is a commonly mentioned drawback. But the quiet motor, sturdiness and reliability go a long way to compensate.

This is a good general purpose sewing machine for the beginning to intermediate sewer who wants the flexibility to tackle many different types of projects and does not want to buy a specialized machine for quilting or embroidery, for example. Solid and reliable but with few bells and whistles sums up the Janome 8077 sewing machine.




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