Singer 4423

Anyone who has ever had to hem up a pair of jeans has wished, fervently, for a heavy duty sewing machine. It is one of those items that are not needed very often, but when it is needed, there is no substitute. Nothing else will do the job. It can be hard to justify spending several hundred dollars for an item that may be used only occasionally.

So the Singer Company has come to the rescue with the Singer 4423 Heavy Duty model sewing machine. Moderately priced at under $200, the machine is a good buy even if used only once or twice a year.

Singer 4423This is not a glamour machine. In appearance it is plain and squared off with no graceful lines or curves. No-nonsense gray in color with red and white lettering and dials, it looks like the workhorse that it is.

The motor is described as 60 percent stronger than conventional sewing machines, but no actual UL ratings are listed. The speed is a very fast 1,100 stitches per minute and inside is a very sturdy metal frame.

The Go To Machine For Thick Fabric

In keeping with its utilitarian purpose, this is a free arm machine which will make hemming those pants even easier. An extra high presser foot lifter accommodates bulky layers while a stainless steel bed plate provides a smooth surface for fabric moving under the needle. To accommodate many different fabric types, the presser foot pressure is adjustable. Keep accessories close at hand and out of the way when not needed in the free arm storage compartment.

Built In Stitches

Singer 4423 top viewThe selection of 23 built-in stitches is not extensive by any standards:

  • 6 basic
  • 4 stretch
  • 12 decorative
  • 1 fully automatic buttonhole stitch

Main Specifications

Stitches Per Minute Number of Stitches Buttonhole Styles Presser Feet Auto Threading Thread Tension Adjustable Stitch Thread Cutter Adjustable Speed
1100 23 1 one-step 4 Yes Auto Yes Manual Yes



Comparably, the included assortment of accessories and presser feet is also somewhat limited. A total of 4 presser feet include

  • a general purpose foot
  • one zipper installation foot
  • one buttonhole foot
  • one button attaching foot.

A packet of needles in sizes 11, 14 and 16, 3 plastic bobbins, all-in-one lint brush and seam ripper, screwdriver, spool caps and spool pin, a soft-sided dust cover, a foot pedal, a power cord and an instruction manual are the basic accessories shipped with the Singer Heavy duty 4423 sewing machine. The manual is printed in English, Spanish and French.

Basic But Powerful

This is not a computerized machine. All settings are done with only two knobs, stitch selection and stitch length, which are large and easy to read. An automatic needle threader is about the only non-essential feature.

Many of the Singer 4423 review comments focus on the necessity to carefully thread the machine at tension control points and right over the needle. Apparently the threading path and the instruction manual are not as straightforward as they could be.

It also recommended to use plastic rather than metal bobbins. It may be tempting to use bobbins purchased for other machines but this often can cause problems even if the bobbin seems to fit in the case and to work well. Always use the bobbin type that has been specifically recommended by the manufacturer.

A sewer looking for numerous decorative stitches and wishing to work with lightweight formal fabrics would be well-advised to look elsewhere. This is a very basic, no-bells-and-whistles sewing machine. Therefore it is ideal for a beginning sewer as well as for anyone who needs the heavy duty capability.


Hobbyists working in leather, canvas or duck cloth will appreciate the extra power and rapid stitching speed and the very reasonable price means that a second sewing machine need not be considered a luxury. Solid, sturdy and reliable, this Singer makes it possible to take on more projects and fabrics than would be possible with a conventional sewing machine.

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